Managing and executing your projects

By using REDE SERVIÇOS BRASIL’s IMAC (Install, Move, Add, Change) services, your company will be able to reduce deployment costs by creating a single relationship with one supplier capable of designing flexible solutions with centralized management and implementing them across Brazil (inside or outside office hours) with quality, predictable delivery and low costs.

REDE SERVIÇOS BRASIL’s IMAC service is available across a vast range of platforms, such as print rooms, servers, desktops, notebooks, network equipment, commercial automations, applications, payments systems and so on.

With IMAC’s complete range of scalable services, you can rely on REDE SERVIÇOS BRASIL for ongoing assistance in the following areas:

INSTALL – Installation and verification of new systems (hardware and software)
MOVE – Conveyance of equipment from one site to another
ADD – Addition of new accessories, memory-drives, processor updates and new versions of applications
CHANGE – Alteration of existing configurations, including un-installing and removing un-installed products through our Asset Retrieval Service

You can count on our experience and coverage.