If your business is looking for a strong partnership that offers solutions in IT and across its whole infrastructure, then you are in the right place!

At REDE SERVIÇOS BRASIL, we help you optimize your IT resources that will allow your business to benefit from seamless functioning of your equipment, systems and processes.

We are present in more than 120 cities in Brazil, catering for clients of all sizes and across diverse sectors, from individuals, entrepreneurs and students to large corporations and government enterprises. We value watertight quality management systems, competitive prices and integrity in our client agreements.

Our Values

REDE SERVIÇOS BRASIL follows four values based on two decades of experiences with our clients.

Value 1 – PASSION: We are passionate about what we do, which is why we always offer relevant products and services for our clients and partnerships aimed at solving problems, increasing competitiveness and improving our performance.

Value 2 – KNOWLEDGE: We endeavor to understand the needs of our clients (deadlines, culture, working style and methods) so that we can support them as efficiently as possible. Our expertise in the content and technology that we provide allows our clients to achieve their goals.

Value 3 – INTEGRITY: We create win-win relationships and bonds of integrity with our clients to facilitate success for employees and partners. We also give back to the community through social actions and paying our taxes.

Value 4 – GROWTH: We want to learn, personally develop and expand our businesses and those of our clients and encourage learning and growth on both an individual and corporate level.

How Can We Help You?

  • We have more than 120 points of service across Brazil
  • Technical repairs of all IT equipment in your complex
  • Installations of equipment and infrastructure
  • Sale of equipment and supplies
  • Remote (0800) and in-person technical support across Brazil
  • Storage of equipment, parts and supplies.